Friday, March 9, 2007

So we had a great show last night. I am quite certain we made the best commercial ever. I wish we could have a camera that just captures behind the scences footage...almost like the extras of a DVD. We do way to much funny stuff that I would love to relive.

So 300 is now officially in theatres. I am wondering if any one has watched it yet and has any comments. I have heard that it is factually accurate and visually a treat...

Other entertainment news...the stars of Grey's Anatomy received hefty raises. I ask myself how much their abilities are truly worth. In my opinion its the stars of Heroes who should be raking in the dough. They are going to single handedly save NBC and help them climb once again to the top of the ratings scales. If NBC doesn't pay up then Disney will and we'll soon be seeing Hayden Panettiere on a made for TV movie (and how sad would that be). I still insist that Heroes is one of the most under-rated shows on TV (AND IT GETS LOTS OF ACCLAIM!).

In other TV news, I was thrilled to see Lindsay (Anna Belknap) rejoin the cast of CSI New York last week. I'm probably the only one who watches it, but I thought I'd share the good news any way.

That's all I have for right now (I'm still depressed from watching Michigan lose again to OSU). If you have something to add then please do.

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